According to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 &OHSAS 18001Standards

Quality Assurance, Environmental & Safety Department QHSE-Policy-01

"To keep in the lead"

AL-MADAEN Telecom is the leading manufacturer of Telecommunications and Information Technology, offering both quality Services to its customers, we are capable of providing expert direction, meeting the specific needs of every customer.

We are committed to implement and maintain a Quality, Environmental & Safety Management System according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 &OHSAS 18001by:

  1. Continually monitor and improve procedures that satisfy applicable statutory regulations in order to enhance our product, services and profitability
  2. Our goal is customer satisfaction and providing a high quality products for internal & external competition 
  3. Meet or exceed in internal & external customer contractual requirements ensuring customer satisfaction in terms of need & expectation.
  4. Learn the lessons from events, implement corrective actions, seek out and use good practices to minimize and eliminate risks.
  5. Our foundation for developing our people is securely anchored in health, safety & environmental policies.
  6. We are committed to provide a high level of protection from incident, injury & Work disease. 
  7. We are committed to provide a high level of protection from multi types of environmental pollution
  8. Our goal is achieving the optimum limit for treatment of environmental impact.
  9. Provide adequate training, instructions and supervision to increase our staff awareness and performance. 
  10. Commitment to continual improvement of ISO & OH&S system.
  11. Policy should be reviewed periodically in management review meeting and available for interested parties.
  12. We strive to meet our interested parties' needs related to our QHSE management systems.

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MTC continued growth and success can be credited to its unmatched customer experience, trusted geo-redundant network, expert workforce and transformationally powerful technology.