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Information Technology Section

1. Network Solutions

• Design, Install and maintain local area
    network (LAN) ( Cabling, Core-Edge-
    terminal points)
• Design, Install and maintain wide area
    network solutions(3G, Satellite ADSL,
    Leased lines, Broadband, Pre WiMax ,
• Design, Install and maintain wireless
    network solutions
• Design, Install and maintain video
    conferencing and streaming solutions

2. Security Systems

• Design, Install & maintain access
    control systems
• Design, Install & maintain fire alarm systems
• Design, Install & maintain complete
    surveillance camera systems " CCTV, IP
• Supply, Install metal detection systems

3. Monitor and Support

• Provide 24/7 monitoring
• Provide 24/7 call center
• Provide remote support
• Provide onsite support
• Provide spare parts management